Currently attempting to organize people who are going to Ferguson who want to collaborate on lodging/transportation


People will be organized into groups of 4 and will split the cost of hotel and rental car to travel together.

Organizing groups for this weekend and next for the weekend of planned actions in Ferguson.

If you are interested in going. Please inbox me your name, number and email. And I’ll send you more details.

It’s cheap!

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When you’re in first place in Mario Kart and shit starts going down behind you:



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You got 45 year old, out of shape, unemployed, never have been, never will be, living on the old couch in their mother’s basement playing XBox all day, only eat when she cooks, gotta borrow money for cigarettes, ass men sitting around saying:

"I’m really disappointed with XCelebrity’s Stolen Nude pics. I mean, I imagined so much more."

GTFOHWTBS. Like they give a fuck what you think. Like they would want to look at your nudes. Like you should’ve been looking at the pics in the first place. Like this isn’t an issue of consent. Patriarchy be like…