Dear Tumblr: Philly Youth Poetry Movement needs your help

(i try not to ever ask anything of folks because i’m so damn proud, but i’ll ask for anything for my PYPM kids… screw pride)

Please, take a minute today to vote for Philly Youth Poetry Movement (PYPM) for the DoGooder Awards. Help us win $250,000 in critical resources! Many people know PYPM provides FREE writing workshops, slams, open mics, & mentoring for Philly area youth. Many of you don’t realize we are an organization of volunteers doing what we do because it’s needed, and we love doing it. But love can only get us so far. What if we had funds? Can you imagine what we could do then? We need your help. You can help us by doing two things…

1) Follow the link and vote for us (you can vote daily — please do when you have time)

2) Sharing the link and asking YOUR network to vote for us.

Thank you. 


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