"Contrary to popular belief, leprosy doesn’t cause body parts to fall off.
They become shorted and deformed, like friendships"


Support a brotha tomorrow - Gonna be on Verses and Flow spitting a poem. Comes on TVOne (Direct TV 328, FIOS 271, Cable One 334, U-Verse 157, Philly Comcast 44) at 9pm. Performing with Theresa The Songbird (Chi), Jon Goode (ATL) and Raheem Devaughn.

Would definitely appreciate your support.


"I’m gonna be on Verses and Flow this Wednesday night, 9pm on TVOne with Theresa the Songbird (Chicago), Jon Goode (Atlanta) & Raheem Devaughn… yeah, that Raheem Devaughn. Yall should watch and tell your friends to watch."

Verses and Flow (9/18/2013)

This week, Verses and Flow features dope poetry from Carlos Andres Gomez (NYC) and Ed Mabrey (NC). Two insanely talented heavyweights.  I wasn’t at this taping, but I heard both got standing ovations and one had a folks a bit emotional.  ALSO featuring are the wonderful sistas, Mary Mary. Poetry & Gospel… on show!  

Wednesday, 9/18/2013 @ 9pm - TV One

Comcast: 44

Direct TV: 328

Verizon: 271


so a white lady who just watched Who is Black in America just told me on twitter not to push my PYPM kids to write about serious issues. Said if we just think positively, and not mention racism or colorism, it’ll go away. 

Damn it, why didnt we think of that!!!!!!